Saving with 6abc: AutoSavant

February 11, 2014

"I'm a full-fledged car fanatic," says Kevin Gordon. He has figured out a way to turn his fanaticism into a way of life. He now owns and operates a website called AutoSavant.

Gordon started small, basically volunteering for automotive websites and helping out in any way he could. Eventually, he could branch out on his own by getting manufacturers and public relations firms to let him test drive cars himself.

"Every week, we get a brand new car to drive from the manufacturers and it doesn't cost us anything," Gordon says.

The cars even come with a full tank of gas and typically with insurance.

"We get to see all different kinds of cars. We get to have date nights in different cars."

Plus, the Gordon family saves money. As the Auto Savant, Kevin Gordon was able to sell his personal vehicle. So that means no car payment and no car insurance.

What Kevin does do in return? He drives the vehicles he gets and reviews them online on both his website AutoSavant and his YouTube Channel.

Gordon has built up quite a following with 40,000 readers a month and 7,000 page views a day. Auto Savant isn't driven by advertising revenue, so Gordon says his audience knows his reviews are authentic.

"What we try to do is provide more real-world, less edited, sort of raw content for people that gives a better impression of the car," Gordon tells Action News.

Kevin also makes a little pocket change on the side; about a couple hundred dollars a month.

While you shouldn't get into it in hopes of turning a huge profit, if you love cars his advice is to reach out to the editors of your favorite automotive website. Even his is looking for help.

Just in case you're wondering what is the nicest car Gordon's driven so far? He says his favorite is the Jaguar XJL - the brand's full-size, super-charged model sedan.

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