Mutilated animal found in Brewerytown possibly a bobcat


The remains of the animal were discovered in an empty lot at 30th and Jefferson streets on Sunday by Derek Jones' dog Bella during their early morning walk.

"The animal was totally skinned from head to tail and the ears removed. The rear paws were bound and the paws were cut off," said George Bengal, SPCA.

The carcass was dumped in a trash bag in the middle of a field. The tools used to skin the animal were left wrapped in a blanket nearby - bloody scalpels, rubber gloves and a baking soda like substance.

Forensic veterinarians examined the animal Sunday afternoon and believe that it is not a domestic cat or dog, but appears to be a larger feline, possibly a bobcat.

In addition, officials say a man called the PSPCA Monday morning and identified himself as the person responsible for the carcass.

The man claimed that he is a licensed hunter and shot and killed the animal last month on a hunting trip. He allegedly explained that he skinned the animal while performing a taxidermy.

Surveillance video, provided only to Action News, shows a dark blue truck pulling up. The driver pulls out a trash bag and dumps the body in the lot and returns a second time to dump more. Then the truck drives right by the cameras.

"This took time to do this. This was surgically done, not sloppily done," said Bengal.

The investigation is ongoing.

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