SPCA: Dog run over then tied to tree in NE Phila.


The young pit bull was found by two teenagers on Rising Sun Avenue near Adams Avenue.

The dog, who has been nicknamed 'Frank,' was shivering, his legs were badly injured and he was unable to walk.

"We walked down to him and he looked at us. He was tied to the tree and he was hurt," said Anthony Day.

"When I saw him I was really upset because we have dogs just like it and we would never do that to our dogs then we saw the wounds," said David Montijo Jr.

David Montijo Sr. brought the dog out of the cold and gave him food and water until the SPCA could arrive.

SPCA officials believe the dog was first run over because of his road rash injuries.

'Frank' is being monitored closely for his spinal injuries but is expected to survive.

"It makes me sick seeing stuff like this. I don't know how people could do this to animals," said Montijo Sr.

The SPCA is hoping that after a few weeks of recovery 'Frank' will be well enough to be adopted.

The incident remains under investigation.

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