Dog's foster family seeks aid for vet bills

NAZARETH, Pa. - April 1, 2014 A team of animal advocates is turning to the community for help saving a dog they pulled back from the brink of death.

Brindi is a pit bull recently found in the Lehigh Valley abandoned, scarred and badly under-nourished.

A foster family from Lycoming County stepped up to help Brindi recoverand she's already had a number of vet visits. But the bills from those visits are adding up.

"She is absolutely doing wonderful. She's just an amazing dog," Said Bonnie Lynn, who is fostering Brindi. "I don't have the money but I want to help the dog."

Lynn has set up a Facebook page so people can track the progress Brindi's is making.

There is no word who abandoned or possibly abused the dog, so no charges of any kind have yet been filed.

You can also go to to make donations.

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