Car crashes into a house in Bucks County, 3 injured

FEASTERVILLE, Pa. - April 2, 2014

Police say a mother, identified as Dawn Thompson, and her two daughters were inside the car when it lost control of a car and crashed into a house in the 300 block of Fox Hollow Drive in Feasterville just after 7:00 p.m.

They were all taken to Saint Mary's Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

The impact ripped open the facade of the home and snapped beams supporting the garage.

Portions of the house teetered, but the real worry was getting Dawn Thompson out safely.

Her two daughters emerged on their own with some scrapes but Thompson was trapped.

Jeff Murtha and his mother were inside the home.

"She looked like she was in and out of consciousness. She didn't really know what was going on. She was in shock," said Murtha.

"The girl comes out and her head is hurting, her face is bleeding, and the dog runs out, and she's like 'Somebody get the dog,'" said Brian McGrody.

Young Brian McGrody was outside playing when the car slammed into the home.

Police say it doesn't appear that Thompson hit the brakes, and that they Neshaminy High School teacher may have had a medical problem while driving.

"It was going and then all of sudden like that, it just started speeding, and all of sudden I heard screaming from inside the car," said McGrody.

"They couldn't get mom out. They had to wait for firefighters to come and cut her out," said Fran Savini.

Firefighters eventually rescued the mother. She and her daughters were rushed to St. Mary's Hospital. Police say all of them suffered minor cuts and bruises.

The Murtha's home is damaged, but they are thankful the family is expected to be okay.

"The house we can always get repaired, but as long everyone was okay, that was my main concern," said Rita Murtha.

Crews were out repairing the home. Officials from Licenses and Inspections are expected to come out and examine the home on Thursday.

The family is staying with relatives.

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