Students react to alleged sex assaults at West Chester University

WEST CHESTER, Pa. - April 21, 2014

The most recent happened over the weekend.

"It really shouldn't be anything that's happening at all. It's just really disgusting," student Sarah Huelster said.

The University has sent e-mails to students and posted the information on various websites.

All three reported cases occurred in dorm rooms.

"I don't think it's just this campus. I think it's society as a whole," student Shannon Pierce said.

"This is the most it has been reported like this out of all my years. I just want to know who's doing this because I don't feel safe sometimes anymore," student Brittany Rogers said.

"The social life can get pretty crazy around here sometimes. Especially in town and even in the dorms, it can get pretty crazy," student Matt Mcilvain said.

Action News learned that two of the female students who initially filed complaints have decided not to pursue prosecution. Each one says they knew who their assailant was.

As for the third case filed this weekend, the investigation continues.

"As far as an individual student making a report, we encourage them to report. That's something we never want to discourage. It's something that sometimes a third party will come forward. That's what happened in our other situations at the end of March and the beginning of April," Loretta MacAlpine, Assistant Director of Public Relations at West Chester University, said.

Campus police and the Chester County District Attorney's Office are investigating.

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