160 bronze vases stolen from graves at Wilmington cemetery

WILMINGTON, Del. - April 25, 2014

Family members of the deceased were at the cemetery on Friday, and they are in shock that someone could steal from the dead.

And this is the first time it's happened in the area.

Row after row was empty.

At least two people on dirt bikes rode into Silverbrooks Cemetery in Wilmington and stole about 100 bronze memorial vases.

Investigators think it happened sometime between April 15th and April 17th, and it's not the only place this occurred. Thieves also took vases from Gracelawn Memoral Park, near New Castle, on April 11th.

This time they had to cut through a fence to get in.

160 vases were taken from Silverbrooks Cemetery, each weighing about seven pounds and costs $100 to $250.

Police say the thieves are likely selling them for scrap metal for about $2.15 a pound - a minimal amount, but an immeasurable loss for these families.

Sabrina Allen, one of the victims of this senseless crime, tells us, "This is an emotional place for a lot of people... I'm disgusted. I'm disgusted."

Another victim, Sherrie Saponaro, says, "I hope it's worth it them. I hope they can sleep at night."

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