2 officers injured in Pennsville carnival brawl

PENNSVILLE, N.J. - April 27, 2014

The brawl took place during the Pennsville Midget Football Fair at Riverview Beach Park in Pennsville.

Pennsville police say a group from out of town came to the fair and started a fight with a local group of teens.

Investigators say the group from out of town attacked two Pennsville police officers assigned to the fair.

One suffered an injured shoulder; the other officer broke his hand.

"Next thing you know, everyone was running into the street. There're fights going on. It was absolutely awful. I got pepper-sprayed in the eye, because the wind was blowing, from the cops trying to break up the fight. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life," witness Justin Przybycien said.

Other police departments were called in to help break up the brawl including officers from the Delaware Memorial Bridge Police Department, the New Jersey State Police, Salem City Police Department, Carneys Point Police Department, and the Salem County Sheriff's Office.

Four adults and two juveniles were taken into custody and face numerous charges.

Video of the incident was sent in to Action News by a viewer.

Pennsville police say this is the 15th year for the fair and they've never had problems in the past.

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