Vineland couple, dating since 1933, celebrates 75 years of marriage

VINELAND, N.J. - April 29, 2014

And if you think that's impressive - they started dating in 1933!

"I think it was about six years before we got hooked. Never let go. We're still holding on," Clara said.

Actually there more than just holding on.

On their 75th wedding anniversary, the beautiful couple decided to renew their wedding vows at the Baker Place retirement community where they live.

Julio's sister, Amelia Gaburo, says that from the day they met it was as if they had known each other all along.

"You could tell that they loved one another," Amelia said.

And of course they share a lot in common.

They are both Italian-American.

They have both lived in Vineland their entire lives.

They're both 99 years old.

And they have a shared sense of humor.

"They are a great couple and they crack us up every day. We're really excited to celebrate this milestone with them," Jennifer Zerra of Baker Place said.

And Julio says he understands how special this milestone is.

"I don't think two individuals ever shared as much in life as we did," Julio said.

We asked Julio and Clara the secret to long-lasting, loving relationship.

Their answer was never go to bed angry, always forgive, and say 'I love you' very, very often.

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