Arizona neighborhood marvels at dog's jumping abilities

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Dog captivates neighbors with high jumps from backyard
A dog in Phoenix, Arizona has gone viral after video from neighbors shows its jumping abilities.

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- A dog in Arizona has become known around the internet for jumping with joy.

Max was adopted from a shelter in Phoenix by husband and wife Sam and Kelly Tolson.

When neighbors walked past the Tolson's property, they were sure Max was jumping on a trampoline when they saw his face appear above the wall separating the yard from the street.

But Max, as it turns out, is simply a very gifted jumper and eager to see the world beyond his yard.

"We just see him pop up every now and then," said neighbor Nancy. "We're just amazed because we thought, you know, he's on the trampoline, he's just jumping so high."

The Tolsons say that Max's "sister" dog won't allow him to look through the gate, which is what led to his jumping in the first place.

A video of Max jumping behind the wall taken by a neighbor has since gone viral over social media.

"We had we got such a kick out of it that we filmed it and I posted it on my Facebook and it just went viral," said Sarah, a neighbor who posted the video online. "Everybody messaged me saying how much they love this dog and how happy his face was jumping. And it's just the cutest thing."