Artist showcases her Latinx culture through her art and jewelry

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Monday, September 14, 2020
NJ artist showcases her Latinx culture through art
Shawnick Rodriguez, the creator and artist behind Art by Sir, is showcasing her vibrant Latinx culture through her art and handmade creations.

CAMDEN, New Jersey -- Shawnick Rodriguez, the creator and artist behind Art by Sir, is showcasing her vibrant Latinx culture through her online boutique of handmade creations.

Inspired by her everyday life and Puerto Rican pride, Rodriguez reflects her culture in her hand-painted earrings, fashion accessories, and home decor.

"I want people to learn about their culture through my art. We're just a mixture of all these beautiful blended cultures that make us who we are, and it's just a beautiful culture to represent," Rodriguez said.

Even though Rodriguez has gained popularity for her Latin-inspired collections, it wasn't until after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico that she decided to focus her art to represent the country and people she loves.

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"Before Hurricane Maria, I was just going with the flow. As I was going with the flow, something in my heart told me to create something for your culture, for your family, for your people," said Rodriguez.

Her idea to create earrings that would represent Latinas as a whole have rocked social media after being worn by famous Puerto Rican singer and composer, Ivy Queen, and Puerto Rican makeup artist, Viva Glam Kay.

In addition to her online business, Rodriguez also dedicates herself to spreading the love and appreciation for art as a teacher of Latin art history.

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By teaching the next generation of future artists, Rodriguez emphasizes the importance of diversity and representation in the arts as well as the pride artists should have to represent their background and culture through their creations.

"I'm a proud Puerto Rican and through my art, I've learned more about the importance of representation. It's time for us a Latinos to show up and show our artwork as well," said Rodriguez.


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