Chocolate has been on the menu for a century at Aunt Charlotte's Candies

A South Jersey candy shop is celebrating a century of sweetness.

Aunt Charlotte's Candies is a fourth-generation, family-owned shop that started in 1920 with the present-day owner's grandfather making caramels out of his basement and selling them from a wagon -- then a Model T Ford.

He'd drive around town selling the individually wrapped caramels for a penny apiece.

Aunt Charlotte's Candies is now in a former feed store on N. Maple Avenue in Merchantville. It's run by the founder's granddaughters and great-grandson and it still stays true to that original caramel recipe.

The candy makers believe the chocolate is a key to longevity and they all eat dozens of pieces a day.

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5 W Maple Ave, Merchantville, NJ 08109