Anti-abortion signs to appear in Oklahoma public restrooms

TULSA, Oklahoma (WPVI) -- Some controversial signs could soon be seen in public restrooms in Oklahoma.

A new law was created that will require public restrooms to have these signs that direct pregnant women to services that can help them.

The state says it is a way to reduce abortions.

The signs are supposed to go up in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and public schools that are licensed by the state department of health.

But the legislature didn't approve any money to pay for the signs, which means businesses and other organizations will have to pay an estimated $2.3 million dollars.

"Yes we got calls and people were throwing up there hands thinking what in the world is going on," said Craig Jones, from the Oklahoma Hospital Assosication.

The sponsor of the bill says she may revise the measure in the upcoming legislative session to exclude some facilities.
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