Biden and Harris in Wilmington for COVID-19 briefing

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Thursday, August 13, 2020
Joe Biden, Kamala Harris attend COVID-19 briefing in Wilmington
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris attended a COVID-19 briefing in Wilmington, Delaware.

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were in Wilmington, Delaware for a briefing on COVID-19 from public health experts.

The Biden-Harris campaign said it raised $26 million dollars in just 24 hours of Harris' selection and had 150,000 donors giving for the first time.

On Wednesday, they were at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware for a virtual fundraiser.

Earlier Wednesday you could see a crowd of supporters Outside A.I. Du Pont High School in Greenville, while inside the pair appeared for the first time publicly since the announcement.

Biden said their relationship first began while she was the California Attorney General, and Biden's late son Beau served as Delaware's.

"I learned quickly that Beau was the kind of guy who inspired people to be a better version of themselves. He really was the best of us. And when I would ask him where did you try that, where did this come from, he would always talk about his dad," said Harris.

At the White House, President Trump said he was surprised Biden picked Harris, and questioned whether the ticket would ever get any support from law enforcement.

"What police department, what law enforcement group could ever support Joe Biden, where he said things that are so bad and so foolish and frankly so stupid in terms of crime and what would happen," he said.

It will be a busy few days for Biden and Harris and will continue as the virtual Democratic National Convention begins next week.