Nationally ranked yoga champion practices in Doylestown

DOYLESTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- It's 104 degrees in the Bikram Yoga studio in Doylestown. The athletes say they love the heat.

"Oxygen moves throughout the body and removes toxins and buildup and inflammation," explained Courtney Marino, one of the teachers.

Her student, Keri Palasz, is a living example of the benefits. She began practicing yoga in her 50s.

"I found that I had a little more joint stiffness and creaks and pain and somebody recommended that I try yoga," said Palasz.

She says she was hooked after the first class, and now, she's one of the best in the country at it, after placing in the top 10 in the USA Yoga National Championship earlier this month.

"Honestly I don't even know if I believe it at times because I come to class and I still fall out of postures and I still have a lot of work to do," said Palasz.

She says it took her a year of training in 90-minute sessions anywhere from one to four days a week to get ready for the competition. During it, athletes must perform a 3-minute routine using six different poses and are judged on for, balance, strength, and flexibility.

"It's pretty awesome, It's really inspiring, her work ethic," said Marino.
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