Coatesville native, entrepreneur to travel into space with Blue Origin

Coatesville High School alumnus Marty Allen is a turnaround CEO and angel investor.
COATESVILLE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- When Blue Origin launches its next mission to space next week, a Coatesville native will be on board.

This is the New Shepard Rocket's fourth human flight.

Marty Allen heads to Texas on Thursday for four days of training ahead of next Tuesday's liftoff.

The Coatesville High School alumnus is a turnaround CEO and angel investor.

The entrepreneur now lives in California, and he's about to live out his childhood dream.

"I've loved aviation from the time I was a kid," Allen said. "I used to build rockets and play with them as a kid. I always dreamed about space."

He applied for this opportunity the first chance he got.

"The minute they called me and said I was selected, I said 'Yes' in a second," Allen added. "It's exciting. I get to do something really neat, but also, we're pioneering something, and you don't know where it's all going to end. It has to change your life. It has to."

The suborbital trip lasts about 10 minutes from liftoff to touchdown.

Each passenger was given a small bag to take on board.

"I went out, and I bought a really neat, 60x10 foot American flag," Allen said. "I put the American flag in the little bag. I'm going to take it up with me, and when I come back home, I'm going to erect a really big flagpole on my property and fly that flag."

Blue Origin engineer Gary Lai will replace "Saturday Night Live" comedian Pete Davidson as the sixth passenger.

Allen says he's most excited for the chance to share this out-of-this-world experience with a real rocket scientist.

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