Body cam footage shows Atlanta police officer rescue 7-month-old baby locked in hot car

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Sunday, July 21, 2019
Body cam video: Infant rescued from hot car in Atlanta
A dramatic rescue caught on bodycam shows an officer rescue a baby from a hot car in Atlanta, Georgia.

ATLANTA -- Dramatic video from a police body camera shows an officer rescuing a baby from a hot car in Atlanta.

A frantic mother called for help after she accidentally locked her 7-month-old baby in her parked vehicle on July 6. It was 90 degrees outside.

In the video, the child is crying, clearly in distress.

"I called right away," you can hear the woman say. "I just didn't know what to do and I didn't have anything to break the window."

This baby ended up being OK, but an average of 37 children nationwide die every year from being left in a hot car.

Doctors and first responders are reminding people to be vigilant this summer, noting that July is the peak month for hot car deaths.