Good Samaritans get out of their cars to stop vehicle from drifting into busy Florida intersection

Driver after driver jumped out of their vehicles to stop the car.

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Thursday, May 12, 2022
Strangers join together to stop vehicle drifting into intersection
A group of strangers sprang into action. Driver after driver jumped out of their vehicles to stop the car.

BOYNTON BEACH, Florida -- Several good Samaritans in Florida jumped into action to help a driver suffering from a medical emergency.

It happened May 5 when a vehicle started drifting into a busy intersection in Boynton Beach.

Video released by police on Wednesday showed one motorist getting out of her car and chasing after the drifting vehicle.

The motorist turned out to be a co-worker of the driver. She had seen the driver slumped over behind the steering wheel.

"As her car slowly entered the intersection at Congress Avenue, her co-worker raced across the street waving her arms to get the attention of other motorists," the Boynton Beach Police Department said.

Then a group of strangers sprang into action and joined her. Driver after driver jumped out of their vehicles to stop the car.

Police say one woman got a dumbbell from her car and a man used it to break into the moving vehicle to reach the female driver.

"Another man then climbed through the window to unlock the passenger's side door," police said. "The car was then put in park and the good Samaritans pushed it to a nearby 7-Eleven parking lot where a nurse who was on the phone with 911 provided medical attention until the fire department arrives."

Officials later learned the driver felt dizzy and tried to pull over, but started to convulse before hitting a curb.

She didn't wake up until the next day.

The Boynton Beach Police Department tweeted out the video and asked for help to identify and honor the good Samaritans who guided the driver to safety.

Just five hours after that initial tweet, the department said, "UPDATE: You all work fast! We have been put in touch with several of the good Samaritans, (and we) are coordinating everyone's schedules to get them together with the woman they rescued. We will let you know once it's confirmed. Thank you."

Police then shared a different angle of the heroic act on Thursday, adding the reunion will take place on Friday.