Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Carl Holmes indicted on charges of sexual assault

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A high-ranking official within the Philadelphia police department has been indicted on charges related to a sexual assault Thursday morning.

Police officials confirm chief inspector Carl Holmes was indicted by a grand jury and that he has been arrested and suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss.

According to the grand jury indictment, three victims who are female officers were punished by internal affairs for reporting Inspector Holmes. The women are no longer on the force.

In August, former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross resigned, amid allegations that members of the department engaged in sexual harassment and racial and gender discrimination against two women serving in the ranks.

Complaints and even lawsuits had been filed against Holmes for years. But the grand jury found that Holmes was largely protected from any real investigation while the victims faced retaliation in the form of internal affairs investigations.

District Attorney Larry Krasner, who is attending a conference at Yale, spoke to us by phone.

"I think the record of some of my predecessors in the DA's office for being more concerned about politics and the protection of their friends in the police department rather than being concerned about equality and accountability in the police department," Krasner said.

Acting Commissioner Christine Coulter called the incident "sickening." She said the cases took place between 2004 to 2007.

Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR) says one of the highest-ranking long time officials at Philadelphia Police Department has gone down in such a devastating way spells a new era in the age of the #MeToo movement.

"The #MeToo movement is still I think very very instrumental in what happened today and what's gonna continue to happen," said Monique Howard, executive director of WOAR.

Holmes, 54, has been charged with the commission of aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault, and other sexual offenses against three complaining witnesses.

Holmes was hired by the Police Department in March 1990.

He was released from prison on Friday afternoon after posting 10 percent of his $850,000 bail. He has also been ordered not to have any contact with the victims.

Krasner believes there are other victims out there and hopes they have the courage now to come forward.
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