Cars drove by the Germantown section, honked for premature twins who spent 9 months in NICU

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Cars drove by in the Germantown section of Philadelphia and honked for Harli and Haili who were born as premature twins. They're home after spending nine months inside the neonatal intensive care unit.

They were born very early at 23 weeks. Harli weighing one pound, and Haili weighing just 15 ounces.

Harli and Haili have overcome incredible odds, surviving numerous surgeries, infections, and life-threatening emergencies. Harli just came home Wednesday June 10, and Haili has been home for two weeks.

Their mother Dashaya Kilgore says she is thrilled the babies are home surrounded by loving friends and family.

"Very excited the babies have a lot of love," said Kilgore. We waited almost a year. These babies have a lot, a lot of love."

The babies are now 11 months old. They each have their own nurse and are still using ventilators to breathe.

The family certainly can't wait for them to hit their first birthday next month.
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