Eagles QB Mark Sanchez, special guests attend CHOP's homecoming

WEST PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez put down the playbook and put on his sport coat for the homecoming dance at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

He was joined by the Saint Joe's University acapella group, the Villanova Football team and Eagles cheerleaders Friday night.

They all came out to lift the spirits of those like Peyton McGrath who suffers from cerebral palsy.

"It's my dream for us to win one super bowl," said McGrath. "One and I'll never be frustrated about it again. One super bowl."

"Something like this can kind of get your mind off football, remind you of how blessed you are, and how you can try to impart either some wisdom or just some encouragement," said Sanchez.

While the event was the first of its kind, during the spring in the past, the hospital has had a prom where the guys dress up in tuxedos and the gals in dresses.

Formal attire didn't apply, but the guest list was certainly impressive.

"Most area hospitals, and things like that, wouldn't do something like this so it's nice that they come out and try to do that," said mother Natasha Doty.

"It's just sheer joy, it's just giving them that opportunity that they can forget about where they are, forget their sickness, forget that they're here, just for a minute," said Amy Moore of CHOP.

Sanchez graciously spent time doing arts and crafts, and talking with each and every patient, but shied away from the dance floor saying, "it's like Bambi on ice."
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