Director of Philly charity Chosen 300 detained in South America over COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The executive director of Chosen 300 Ministries in Philadelphia is being detained in Guyana, South America, after testing positive for COVID-19.

He fears he could be held there for up to two months.

Brian Jenkins flew to Guyana on Wednesday to tour ten food distribution centers that are part of the ministry.

Upon arriving at the airport, he was tested for the coronavirus.

After the results came back Thursday, he was apprehended and taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Facility.

"They came to my hotel in hazmat suits and security and asked me to come to this facility," said Jenkins.

His small, sparsely furnished room contains a thin mattress, a small table, and a cabinet.

Despite the positive test, Jenkins doesn't believe he's contagious.

He contracted coronavirus in Philadelphia more than a month ago but recovered and tested negative three times before leaving on the mission trip.

Jenkin's doctor provided a letter to the CDC. The letter stated that patients can test positive for the virus for up to three months even though they're not contagious.

However, that letter wasn't enough to earn Jenkins his freedom.

"They're indicating I can't leave the country until I get a negative test, and if the CDC is accurate and the positive tests keep coming, I could be locked up here for two months," said Jenkins.
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