ChristianaCare Rehab discharges first COVID-19 patient

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- COVID-19 survivor Garriett Bunting, is the first coronavirus patient to be released from ChristianaCare's Rehab Center in Wilmington, Delaware.

"I am feeling better and I am going home. I have been here almost three months," said Bunting.

Ironically, Bunting retired from ChristianaCare after 42 years in administration. She never thought she'd be returning as a patient.

Bunting spent weeks battling COVID-19 and at one point, was put on a ventilator. Her fight is ending with survival and a chance to go home, while tragically, so many others ended with death. It is something, she doesn't take for granted.

"It has just been an experience that is hard to put into words but I am glad to be here and be alive," said Bunting.

She credits her survival to the team of dedicated nurses and doctors by her side, but they say, what also helped, was Bunting's fight and will to live.

"I think every day there is more and more research and we are learning more from each patient that we get about how this terrible virus affects the body," said Dr. John Cheng with ChristianaCare.

If you think this can't happen to you Bunting says, she's proof that it can. She urges everyone to stay safe and follow the advice from medical experts.

"I had to stay in here all these months and you can stay home until they tell you that you can come out," said Bunting.

Currently, Delaware is reporting over seven-thousand cases and over 250 deaths.
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