Burglar has a feast after breaking into Bucks County church

ByRebeccah Hendrickson via WPVI logo
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
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At Rolling Hill United Methodist Church in Bedminster, Pastor Steve McComas is trying to solve a mystery: who broke in and had a feast?

BEDMINSTER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- At Rolling Hill United Methodist Church in Bedminster, Pa., Pastor Steve McComas is trying to solve a mystery.

"I assume this is the door they gained access through," he said showing us into the church. "They found some cornflakes in there.

The break-in wasn't caught on camera but there were plenty of clues.

"I found the empty ice cream containers in the trash," McComas said. He's also missing a Thanksgiving turkey meant to go to a family in need.

"I'm like, 'what happened to the turkey?'" he said.

He suspects the burglar was at the church all night on October 1. The turkey was frozen and would have taken 12-15 hours to cook. The person only cooked it halfway, however.

"They slice of two chunks of turkey, put it in the microwave, finished cooking the turkey, ate it and left," she said.

His first guess was someone in his church needed help, but that led nowhere.

"When she didn't know anything about it, I said 'oh, we got a problem here,'" he said, so he called police.

"I'm not upset that the person found food to eat, I'm upset about the way they did it," he said.

"Despite the break-in, the pastor says his biggest concern is that people in his community are hungry which is why he's thinking of taking some food from 'The Lord's Pantry' - which is already meant to feed the hungry - and putting it outside for anyone to grab.

"If someone's hungry, we should feed them," he said.

Pastor McComas may never know who broke into his church for a meal in the middle of the night, but he's glad someone got fed.

As for the half-cooked turkey "I took it down near the woods and let the wild animals have at it," he said.