Memory Lane: Dave Roberts and Lisa Thomas-Laury share Thanksgiving parade memories

From 1978 to 1982, the parade's broadcast on 6abc was hosted by the beloved team of Jim O'Brien and Dave Roberts.

But when Jim O'Brien passed away in 1983, Lisa Thomas-Laury came on board as co-host of the parade.

"The first parade I did without Jim in 1983 was extremely difficult, for all of us," Dave said.

But the new co-hosts gelled right away.

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From the 6abc Archives - Clips from the years that Dave Roberts and Jim O'Brien hosted the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

"Dave is a selfless colleague," Lisa said. "He wants you to do well, and you get that feeling as soon as you sit down with him."

"Lisa's a gem, she's my partner," said Dave. "She's so kind and she's so giving."

The weather was sometimes chilly...

"We used to just put blankets, electric blankets, over our knees, and my husband would give me something to put down in my boots, and I'd have them in my gloves," she said.
But Dave and Lisa always had a warm reception from the audience, and each other!

"Dave would always look at, me and grab my hand or my arm," Lisa said.

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Dave and Lisa sat side-by-side for years at the 6abc Thanksgiving Day Parade

"We held hands and said, "Okay, come on! Let's have some fun!"

Check out the video above for more memories from a collaboration spanning three decades!