Philly sports fan, Monty G outside for first time in 4 months amid fighting COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Whether at Lincoln Financial Field or his beloved Chickie's and Pete's in South Philadelphia, on game day in a sea of Eagles fans, it wasn't unusual for one voice, usually in rhyme to drown out all the others.

When it comes to hype men few outshine Monty G. So, you can imagine how hard it was for many fans to hear that his signature chants could be silenced forever.

Back in March, Monty G contracted the coronavirus. From there, a series of complications eventually led to a ventilator and a coma.

After surviving the worst of it, more bad news for Philadelphia's favorite sports fan, partial paralysis. But though it all, Monty G has never lost his fun-loving spirit.

Saturday, to the delight of so many, Monty G posted a video online from Westgate Rehabilitation Center where he's been on the mend. "Finally got to outside after four months," read the caption. "To be out and see people it was really a great feeling and I really miss it so much," Monty G said via video chat.

Monty G has been active online posting a series of videos while in rehab documenting his health. And advocating for others to take the virus seriously, until he's healthy enough to go home.

While Monty G admits his crowd going days may be limited in the future, but his ability to get a chant going is not. "I still have the voice, so I still can do that, I just can't be out there, dancing and hyping up the crowd like I could," he said.

Monty G says he's thankful for the staff at Westgate Rehabilitation Center, and his family and friends for all the support. With some luck, he hopes to be back home in August.
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