Action News reporter George Solis recovers from coronavirus

Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Action News reporter George Solis recovers from coronavirus
Action News welcomed reporter George Solis back to work after his battle with the coronavirus.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Action News welcomed reporter George Solis back to work after his battle with the coronavirus.

George joined us on Action News on Monday evening to tell his story:

I would describe my case as mild at best. I instantly took precautions as soon as I felt ill.

There were moments when I felt better and moments when I was afraid, unsure how my body was fighting the virus.

Through it all I had many friends, colleagues, and family checking up on me which I feel helped with recovery.

I first recall feeling unwell on March 21st. I had finished my report for the day I remember reciting:

"As you can imagine it will be some time before things back to normal for them."

Little did I know that would also apply to me.

Hours after my shift on March 21st I would come down with COVID-19.

To be clear, I had no idea I had the virus. I was tired but otherwise felt fine.

Waking up the next day I immediately took my temperature. A low-grade fever was reason enough for me to take a sick day.

Upon learning that I wasn't feeling great, work took the necessary precautions and began reaching out to colleagues I was in contact with.

An important step in ensuring any potential illness would not spread.

I took it again a few hours later and it went up again at that point I knew it would be best to get tested.

The next day I called my doctor and work again to let them know I suspected the virus.

I covered up and headed down to Temple University's Ambler Campus.

Despite the unknown, I did my best to stay optimistic.

"Hopefully, everything is negative," I exclaimed moments before the test was administered.

Two days later - I received a call and my suspicions were confirmed.

In the days that followed, as requested by the Pennsylvania Department of Health I logged my fever twice a day.

That was followed via telemedicine with my doctor.

There were a lot of soups and teas and rest during my recovery.

"Head hurts, eye hurts, and breathing is not so great," I documented at the height of my illness.

Documenting how I felt became difficult.

There were aches- chills, and for a brief period a weakened sense of smell and taste.

There was a lot of rest and pet therapy to get me through some of the worst of it.

After more than a week of being symptom-free, I felt comfortable enough to begin sharing my story.

I stayed in touch with my doctor through the ordeal.

I am very grateful for all the calls and messages of support from my Action News family.

It goes without saying there are people going through a lot worse than I did and if there's any real take away is this is something to be taken seriously.