'Coronavirus 101': True Philadelphia Podcast

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Let's get back to the basics on this pandemic. What is a virus? What is a coronavirus? How long have they been around? Why aren't young people getting infected as much? Dr. Judd Hollander answers all of these questions and more and tells us which questions we cannot answer yet.

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Dr. Hollander is an associate dean at Jefferson University Hospital's medical college, an emergency room doctor and has been working on a project to expand "telemedicine" which he also explains in this podcast.

Recorded on March 17, 2020 at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Center City, Philadelphia.

In this podcast:

We break down what a virus is (2:17).

What a coronavirus is (3:34).

How COVID-19 began (4:40).

How it jumped from animal to human and "wet markets" in China (5:10).

The conspiracy that COVID-19 is a bioweapon (6:24).

How the virus spreads from person to person (7:35).

How this forced us to change our habits and hygiene (8:48).

The changing notion of "playing hurt" and going to work sick (9:20).

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Why it is so important to be mindful of those who aren't equipped to fight the infection (10:55).

Why the infection rates with children are so low (11:40).

If you can give the coronavirus to a pet and vice-versa (12:38).

What we know about the overall rates of infection (13:48).

What we know about the death rate (15:05).

The biggest difference between COVID-19 and the flu (16:10).

If the coronavirus could become season like the flu (16:30).

The unpublished study that finds the coronavirus outbreaks tend to occur in countries that have temperatures ranging between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit (17:05).

Our worst-case scenario (18:15).

Our best-case scenario (19:38).

What Dr. Hollander would do if he could go back in time one month (20:40).

How this pandemic will change us as a people (21:49).

The importance of growing telemedicine, a specialty of Dr. Hollander's (22:25).

How we should reassess public gatherings in the future (26:19).

The ongoing battle between humans and viruses (27:00).

The expected growth in research on anti-viral medicine (27:36).

What Dr. Hollander is most hopeful about (28:05).