Chinese SWAT team practices taking down 'coronavirus victim'

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Officers practice 'coronavirus victim' takedown
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Officers practice 'coronavirus victim' takedown

A Chinese SWAT team is practicing how to take down uncooperative victims of the coronavirus in a staged incident.

In the video, a driver wearing a mask is stopped by police in the exercise. The man starts to drive away, but he is stopped by a police van. Officers wearing uniforms and carrying shields can be seen surrounding the driver's car.

When the driver gets out, he takes his mask off. Officers then throw a net over his head and he is grabbed by several of them. He's taken away as the team disinfects the shields by spraying them.

The video was posted to the Chinese microblogging website Weibo and TikTok by the Tongbai County Municipal Public Security Bureau. In the post, the security bureau wrote, "To win the epidemic defense, Tongyang police had armed exercises."