Child ziplining in Costa Rica collides with slow-moving sloth hanging onto cable

"I just clocked it straight in the face," the child said.
LA FORTUNA, Costa Rica (WPVI) -- A child zooming down a zipline through a rainforest in Costa Rica collided with a slow-moving sloth clinging to the cable.

It happened Sunday at the Go Adventure Arenal Park in La Fortuna.

The tour guide was recording when the child took off on the zipline.

The video then shows the child sliding into the slow-moving animal, bringing the ride to an abrupt stop.

"Don't worry," the tour guide told the young thrill-seeker.

"It's a sloth," the child said, out of breath.

"Yeah," the tour guide responded.

"I just clocked it straight in the face," the child said.

Flavio Leiton Ramos, the owner of Go.Adventure Park, said the child was the last in a group of eight to leave the platform.

"So seven people went on that cable and there was no sloth on it, and, within 30 seconds, a sloth got on the cable," Ramos said. "The good thing was that the child was doing a great job by using the brake, and also since the tour guide was with him, was able to handle the situation. But really the child did a great job."

Ramos said neither the child nor the sloth were hurt.
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