WATCH: Ice-cream bandits raid freezer during open house

ROCKLIN, Calif. -- A California couple is accused of faking interest in an open house, in order to gain access to the freezer and steal a tub of ice-cream.

Home surveillance cameras caught them in the act.

Realtor Elizabeth Axelgard tells KOVR her clients checked their cameras following an open house at their Rocklin home on Saturday.

"It showed this couple walking into the garage, opening several cabinets and then the female opening the refrigerator door, taking out something, putting it in her large handbag," said Axelgard.

The shocking part was what they took.

"I was like seriously, you're taking ice cream," Axelgard said.

Apparently this is not the first couple's offense.

"When I shared it on social media, a lot of agents reached out to me and said that they recognize the couple," Axelgard said.

Another area realtor suspects the same couple stole candlesticks and pain medication from open houses last year in Rocklin.

There were no security cameras in those incidents.

The homeowners say they don't plan to file a police report for the stolen ice cream.
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