Coronavirus survivor starts haircut fundraiser to benefit Food Bank of South Jersey

ByAshley Johnson WPVI logo
Monday, April 13, 2020
Coronavirus survivor starts haircut fundraiser to benefit Food Bank of South Jersey
A coronavirus survivor in New Jersey is starting a haircut fundraiser to benefit the Food Bank of South Jersey.

MOORESTOWN, New Jersey (WPVI) -- The COVID-19 pandemic spawned all kinds of creative ways to donate to worthy causes.

Dr. Jim Sanfilippo from Moorestown is pictured with a bright smile next to his 9-year-old son James, after he survived the coronavirus.

"Really I had no or very few possible risk factors for COVID-19. With my son being sick, his class being sick, I figured ok it's the flu," Sanfilippo said.

The orthopedic surgeon said the diagnosis came out of nowhere but something told him to self-quarantine.

"I didn't feel bad until the morning of day 7, woke up stood up to get out of bed and passed out, high fever of over 103," he said.

After recovery, Sanfilippo took to Facebook. He's come a long way from four weeks ago. He's turned a life-changing experience into a lifeline to help others.

He got the idea from a buddy to start a haircut fundraiser.

"No barbershops are open, so give your kid a haircut, shave their head, shave your head and whatever you would normally donate, donate it to the GoFundMe page to support the Food Bank of South Jersey," the doctor said.

The Haircuts for COVID-19 GoFundMe Page started with a goal of $5,000, which it has now tripled with more than $18,000 in donations.

More than 200 people have pitched in including one person who gave $1,000.

Sanfilippo said he's giving every penny to the Food Bank of South Jersey.

"It feels great to be able to support a charity that's doing everything that they can to make sure those that are not as fortunate as my family was going through this have the support they need," Sanfilippo said.