New Pennsylvania COVID-19 numbers paint concerning picture of fall resurgence

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- New numbers just released by Pennsylvania health officials paint a concerning picture of the fall resurgence in coronavirus. The state is now reporting nearly 1,600 additional cases, bringing the statewide total above 177,000.

Governor Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania Department of Health say we have seen more than 1,000 cases a day for the past nine days. On Thursday, 1,598 new cases were reported along with 21 new deaths.

As officials warned of a resurgence of the virus, there was a bit of encouraging news from an ER nurse at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.

"The patients that we're seeing now are not as critically ill when they arrive as they were back in early spring. I would say mild to moderate symptoms, I guess you could say are similar to flu-like symptoms," said nurse Peg Lawson.

At Crozer-Chester Medical Center, nurse Peggy Malone reported a similar story.

"Because of the efforts of the hard work of all these health care professionals all over the country, people are getting better and doing really well and I think we need to focus on that," said Malone.

And yet, they are not trying to paint a rosy picture of what is to come.

"So yes, we're in a better place now, I guess I'm cautious with saying everything is fine," said Lawson.

"Our hope is that with this resurgence, if it comes and hopefully it doesn't, but when and if, the government and local officials have made it so that we're able to get enough PPE," said Malone.

Despite the upsurge in cases, a group of parents and students in the Abington School District were demanding an end to virtual-only learning.

"It's just not working, we can't continue to do this," said parent Stephanie DeVito.

"Eventually everybody is going to test positive at some point, you can't hide from the virus forever," said Gina Glaviano.

They're asking for parity with surrounding school districts who are offering two days a week of in-school learning. And they cite the dire situation many families are facing.

"The devastation that families are having, childhood depression, the feelings of just helplessness," said DeVito.

Action News did request comment from officials with the Abington School District but we have not heard back.
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