COVID-related staffing issues impacting Amtrak, SEPTA service

"Out of a workforce of about 2,600 plus operators, on any given day there are 500-600 operators out," said SEPTA.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- COVID-related staffing issues are making a major impact on transportation services around the region.

Amtrak says it's suspending 8% of its Northeast departures between now and March 27 and 6% of its state-supported weekly departures until March 27.

Most trains were on time Monday at 30th Street Station, but most riders Action News spoke with were understanding of the disruptions.

"I had a train recently canceled on me and I just got on a slightly later train, not a big deal. With air travel, I think it's more of an issue," says Kate Jeffers of Princeton, NJ.

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SEPTA has also been dealing with staffing shortages of its own on a day-to-day and shift-by-shift basis.

Bus routes have been impacted the most. On an average day there are about 13,500 trips. Right now, SEPTA is averaging about 600 missed trips a day.

"Out of a workforce of about 2,600 plus operators, on any given day, there are 500-600 operators out," said Andrew Busch, spokesperson for SEPTA.

Busch says this has taken a toll and workers are tired.

SEPTA has real-time information online and on its app to keep travels up-to-date.

Amtrak says if you are impacted by disruptions, the goal is to offer same-day travel alternatives.

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