Family receives violation from HOA for having Christmas decorations up "too early"

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (WPVI) -- A Texas family says they are dealing with a real life Grinch after they were told they needed to take their Christmas decorations down because it's "way too early" to have them up.

The house was fully decked out with a snowman, some reindeer and a Santa hanging from a helicopter.

The Simonis live in the Lakeside At Canyon Springs subdivision and have had the festive display up since November 1.

The neighborhood Homeowner's Association says that's too early.

The HOA sent the Simonis family a letter with a violation saying, 'Please remove the snowman until closer to the holiday season."

The letter didn't include what "closer to the holiday season" meant.

Mrs. Simonis says since she is 8 months pregnant, the family wanted to put the decorations up early just incase the baby arrived.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood is rallying behind the family and they're now all going to put up their Christmas decorations.

A festive show of solidarity in the spirit of holidays.
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