Delaware governor moves presidential primary date due to COVID-19 outbreak

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Delaware governor moves presidential primary date due to COVID-19 outbreak
The Delaware presidential primary date has been moved as rewported during Action News at 10 on March 24, 2020.

DOVER, Delaware (WPVI) -- Delaware Governor John Carney said the presidential primary date has been moved to June 2 due to the coronavirus.

"Delawareans have a basic, fundamental right to vote. Today's order will preserve that right and allow Delawareans to vote by absentee ballot in the presidential primary on June 2," said Governor Carney.

Carney is also suspending residential foreclosures and evictions during the outbreak of coronavirus.

The order prevents landlords from evicting residents from their homes during this crisis. Landlords also may not charge late fees or interest during the State of Emergency.

The order also prevents lenders from commencing foreclosures during this period. Residential mortgage foreclosures that began prior to Governor Carney's State of Emergency declaration will not move forward until the 31st day following the termination of the Governor's emergency declaration, at the earliest.

All elections for school board members in any Delaware school district scheduled for May 12 are delayed until June 16 under Governor Carney's updated order on Tuesday. The order also states that social distancing due to COVID-19 is a valid reason to vote by absentee ballot.

As of March 24, there were 104 confirmed coronavirus cases.

A stay-at-home order in the state of Delaware began at 8 a.m. Tuesday as the numbers of positive cases of coronavirus rose.

Carney said the stay-at-home order was necessary.

"Not enough people are taking this seriously. I've seen way too many people in groups and gatherings," said Carney. "I don't want Delaware to be the example of what not to do in this crisis."

Click here for a full list of essential and non-essential businesses, as defined by Sunday's order.

The orders will remain in effect until May 15 or until the public health threat is eliminated.