Tune-up your own car at this DIY Auto Shop

ByZach Ben-Amots Localish logo
Friday, October 22, 2021
Tune-up your own car at this DIY Auto Shop on Chicago's South Side
From an oil change to an engine rebuild, you can do-it-yourself at Chicago's only DIY auto shop.

CHICAGO -- Gearhead Workspace is the only DIY auto repair shop in the city of Chicago. The garage - located in the Bridgeport neighborhood - has all the tools and space customers need to fix their own car.

The garage opened several years ago, but only recently moved into their permanent space on 35th Street. In the new garage, the team behind Gearhead Workspace are building a community of urban automotive enthusiasts.

"We can support anything from an oil change to an engine swap," said Molly Heyen, who owns the space with her husband Tim.

Their job titles - Boss Lady and Chief Enthusiast, respectively - are a reflection of their approach to the business.

From mechanics or to first-time car owners, Gearhead Workspace is an auto shop for everyone. They offer classes for all topics and individualized coaching upon request.

Josh Heyse - a.k.a. Wheelman - says that learning to work on your own car can help you develop a meaningful, positive relationship with it.

"A space like Gearhead I'm hoping will help bring back car enthusiasts and empower them to work on their own cars," Heyse said.

Membership options include a $300/year level for "Regular Wrenchers" and a $3,000/year level to join the "Premium Pit Crew (at the more expensive option, all tools and bays are pretty much free for the year). Non-members can also access the space and tools at a slightly higher hourly rate. For more information, visit their website: GearheadWorkspace.com.