Treat your four-legged friends to a fancy feast at Dogue SF

BySara Zendehnam and Jason Beal Localish logo
Friday, February 17, 2023
Treat your furry friends to a fancy feast at this San Francisco eatery
Dogue SF is a restaurant in the Mission District with a strict clientele -- pets. From top shelf treats to grass-fed meats, check out this French-inspired canine cuisine.

SAN FRANCISCO -- In the Mission District of San Francisco, there's a restaurant with a very specific clientele.

"What's fun is the amount of guests that come in and are very adventurous," says owner Rahmi Massarweh.

"I feel like it's always a very welcoming space," patron Roxana Sanchez said.

"We thought it was a human restaurant and thought it might be a place that I want to go to eat," Jason Villacampa admits.

Welcome to Dogue SF, a French-inspired pet eatery known for its elegant treats and fine dining experiences. This one-of-a-kind San Francisco restaurant for dogs has a fresh food philosophy.

"Our whole motivator is changing the way people see what food is for all animals," says Massarweh. "It started from a deep-rooted selfish desire to feed my dog the absolute best food possible. From that desire gave birth to everything we see around us."

Dogue offers everything from dehydrated treats, to full balanced meals, toppers, mixers, all the way up to fine dining experiences.

Massarweh is a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef who spends hours preparing for the "Bone Appetit Cafe," where for about $75 your dog can experience a beautifully plated meal or the chef's tasting menu.

"Our Bone Appetit Cafe draws on my experience in the culinary world, it started as something that my wife and I did for our dogs on their birthdays. But let's be honest the ingredients and quality is for them, the plating and presentation is for me," says Massarweh.

Patrons appreciate the creativity and skill that goes into the dishes, meals that look good enough for humans to eat.

Dogue SF's menu is sourced from local family farms and is full of healthy, fresh food options.

"Real food is undeniably better than processed food," adds Massarweh.

Customers credit Dogue's high quality food as the reason their dogs are happy and healthy.

To make a reservation for the Bone Appetit Cafe, email