The Fight for Pennsylvania - Part 1

Jim Gardner Image
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Pennsylvania - Is it the key to the entire Presidential Race?
Jim Gardner and Terry Madonna talk about how the entire Presidential election could be in Pennsylvania's hands.

6abc Studios (WPVI) -- As we count down the weeks to the 2020 Presidential election, political eyes are focused on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - The Keystone State could very well be the key to winning the race for the White House.

Donald Trump won the state in 2016, with a strong showing in suburban counties and the comfortable backing of the rural part of the state. That said, Joe Biden is from Scranton and polls are showing shifts in some of the places where the President performed well four years ago.

Over the next 7 weeks, Jim Gardner and Dr. Terry Madonna from Franklin and Marshall College are going to talk about which way the state, its counties, its voters are leaning, and how the choices made here could sway the outcome of the national results.

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