Donna Kelce opens up about Eagles fans, pole climbing and her son's famous Mummers outfit

"We were lucky's kind of like winning the lottery almost," said the mother of Travis and Jason Kelce.

Thursday, February 9, 2023
Eagles vs. Chiefs: Donna Kelce reveals which fan base is crazier
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Eagles vs. Chiefs: Donna Kelce reveals which fan base is crazier

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Donna Kelce is basically the world's most famous mom right now.

Maybe you've heard -- it's the first time two brothers are playing against each other in the Super Bowl, and they happen to be her sons.

Jason is playing for the Eagles and Travis for the Chiefs.

"We were lucky's kind of like winning the lottery almost," said Donna Kelce

Both brothers played at the University of Cincinnati and both have a special connection to Andy Reid.

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"(Andy Reid) spotted Travis at a college game one time in Philadelphia where University of Cincinnati was playing against Temple, and Jason was with the Eagles at that time. (Reid) knew, I think early on, that he was going to draft (Travis). He knew early on that he was going to draft Jason. So it worked out pretty good," said Donna.

That's an understatement. Both brothers have had huge success with their respective teams.

"I think that's been the key to their longevity of being able to play for this long. There's so many talented kids out there... It's just understanding that if you love where you are, and you love your coaches, and you love your players, you just love the city," said Donna.

And loving his city is one thing Jason Kelce is very good at. Just take his outfit at the Super Bowl parade in 2018 as an example.

So what did Donna really think of his famous Mummers outfit?

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"He didn't tell any of us! We had no idea! I'm sitting at home watching this on television, the parade. And all of a sudden I get a picture on my phone of him looking like a leprechaun. And I'm like, 'What the heck!' So I called one of my friends there from Philadelphia, I said, 'What is he doing?' And she said, 'He's a Mummer!'"

While Donna didn't know what that was at the time, she does now. And the big question is: has he started thinking about what he will wear this year should there be a parade?

"He doesn't do that until they win. He only looks at the next game. He's very, very myopic when it comes to that," she says.

And the task at hand is a Super Bowl win so that Philly can Philly with what has become a tradition: greasing the poles before big games and people still managing to climb them anyway.

"I just think they enjoy life and they really are true Eagles fans!" said Donna.

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She opened up about our city and what Jason loves about this fan base.

"He really enjoys the sense of humor that they have. They are true students of the game, and they really understand what's going on. The other thing is, he says that they're just really close-knit family generational fans. They're very respectful of him. When he eats out, they don't bother him until after he's had his dinner, and that's important to him because he likes his meals if you didn't notice," said Donna.

And she compared Kansas City fans to Philadelphia fans, by saying this: "They're both diehard fans, but I think the city that might have 'crazy' locked up is Philadelphia (laughs)!"