Montgomery County woman helping other women find their passion at 50+

COLLEGEVILLE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Dr. Barbara Collins is a lifelong educator, professional speaker, author and she helps other women as a midlife transition expert.

"I really wanted to help women create a fulfilling midlife, which is what I did," she said. "So when they get there, they don't have to figure it out."

Dr. Collins now spends part of her time as a model. She has many headshots to highlight different looks.

"I do it for fun," she said.

Dr. Collins says if women find something they love to do, she encourages them to take a risk and try it.

She says she started planning for her second half of life around 1995, because she realized how quickly life goes by.

Dr. Collins says it's important to ask yourself, "what are you going to do with those years?"

She offers coaching to help women discover or rediscover their passions through her company, Positive Trends, Inc.

Dr. Collins says as women get older, they may have children and the busyness of life kicks in. She says that's when goals and passions tend to get put on the back burner and she's working to reignite those flames.

She says it's important to remember what you used to enjoy earlier in life, so her advice for women is to "do the things you love that comes easy to you" and offers an online course to help you figure it out.

"It's a five-step program that takes them from exploring, to really action plans, on what to do," said Dr. Collins.

She says the goal is for women to be able to come away from the program with their likes and interests, so they can determine where they want to spend most of their time.

Dr. Collins says she feels fortunate she's been able to find her passion and help others do the same.

She says she enjoys seeing a woman's eyes light up because they have found work that helps them feel fulfilled.

"That is such a joy to me," she said.

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