WATCH LIVE: Florida bald eagles await as eggs expected to hatch soon

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Friday, December 30, 2016
Courtesy: @SWFLEagleCAM

FORT MYERS, Florida (WPVI) -- Thousands of people are keeping an eye on a live stream of two American bald eagles in Florida as they wait for their eggs to hatch.

WATCH LIVE: Bald eagle eggs expected to hatch soon

An eagle cam set up by Dick Pritchett Real Estate is currently streaming the nest of Harriet and her partner M15 in Fort Myers.

The eggs were laid on November 22 and November 25, according to the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam's Twitter account @SWFLEagleCAM.

The eaglets are expected to hatch any day now as they're near the end of their incubation period.

The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam has seen millions of people tune in since it launched in 2012, when Harriet was with her previous mate, Ozzie.

They were together for more than 20 years, until Ozzie died in September of 2015 after getting into a fight with another male eagle, believed to be M15. Ozzie passed on two days later.

Though it is thought bald eagles mate for life, a new partner can be chosen if one dies or disappears.

After an incident involving a car a few months earlier, Ozzie was sent to an animal hospital for rehabilitation. During this time, several suitors reportedly made a run at Harriet, including M15, who became a regular. When Ozzie returned, numerous altercations occurred, eventually ending in his death.

Harriet bonded with M15 a month later and laid the two eggs that hatched successfully.

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