Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins tours school drug-free zones

FAIRMOUNT (WPVI) -- Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, lawmakers and members of Families Against Mandatory Minimums or FAMM spoke Monday in Fairmount about the impact of drug-free school zones and incarceration.

Organizers of the tour believe that school zone laws are overboard and target communities of color.

People who commit crimes in a designated drug free zone established around schools face harsher penalties than those accused of the same offense outside of a zone.

Malcolm Jenkins said, "There's no signage to let you know if you're in the school zone or not. And quite frankly it just depends on what side of the street you're standing on. You can walk one block or a few steps and be in the zone and be out. And the difference of that is huge when it comes to how you're getting prosecuted and what sentences you're getting."

Jenkins has made it his mission to seek changes to the criminal justice system.
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