Eclipse: THE event to see - but not look at

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

ELKINS PARK, PA. (WPVI) -- The Delaware and Lehigh Valleys won't get the perfect view of the solar eclipse on August 21st.

However, an assistant professor at Salus University's Pa. College of Optometry says it can actually be more hazardous to your eyes, than if you were in the direct zone.

Bisant Labib, O.D., says, "A partial eclipse - which is what we'll experience - means that the sun is only partly covered by the moon," she said.

"There is more exposure to harmful solar rays when viewing a partial solar eclipse than viewing a total one," she adds.

Anyone interested in seeing the eclipse, either in person or through glass, MUST wear protective glasses to prevent irreversible damage to their vision.

Ordinary sunglasses won't be enough.

Dr. Labib says some signs of post-eclipse vision damage:

* Noticeable vision loss

* Waviness of vision

* Dim central vision or a gray spot where once there was clarity.

"While it is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, wherever you choose to watch the eclipse, make sure your eyes are properly protected," she advises.