Suspect stabs man in jaw, runs over another outside South Jersey Wawa

"We believe he may possibly be from the Philadelphia area," said Lt. Harris of the Edgewater Township Police Department.

Friday, February 25, 2022
Suspect wanted for attacking 2 during altercation in Wawa parking lot
The suspect reportedly got into his vehicle and ran over the second victim.

EDGEWATER PARK TWP., New Jersey (WPVI) -- Police in Burlington County, New Jersey are searching for the suspect who attacked two people during an altercation in a Wawa parking lot early Sunday morning.

It happened around 2 a.m. at the store located on the 4100 block of Rt. 130 in Edgewater Park Township.

Video obtained by Action News shows the suspect wearing a blue coat arguing with several men outside of the store.

The video shows the suspect with his hand in his pocket; police say that is where he is holding a knife.

That's when things escalate and the suspect takes a violent swipe with the knife at one of the men.

Then the video shows he unleashes an all-out assault, and they stumble behind the cars out of view of the camera.

Police say that's where the suspect stabbed one of the victims near his jaw and would also slash open the victim's jacket in an attempt to stab him in the chest. Video shows the feathers from the coat scattered across the parking lot.

Things would then spill out towards the gas pumps of the Wawa.

That's when the group of men started throwing safety cones at the suspect and he becomes surrounded.

The video shows the suspect making a dash for his car and things get even worse.

A different view from Wawa security video shows the suspect getting into his car then running over a second victim before driving off.

Police say the reason for the chaos was a petty argument.

"Sounds like just a group of subjects got into an argument over a simple 'what are you looking at?" said Lt. John Harris of the Edgewater Township Police Department.

The victims are expected to survive their injuries.

Police are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect.

He's wanted for some potentially serious charges.

"It could possibly be attempted murder. Definitely aggravated assault. You have the intentional assault by auto," Lt. Harris said.

Lt. Harris adds the suspect is a tall man, around 6'3 in height.

He's also asking the public to keep an eye for his car which is the black Buick Regal with Pennsylvania registration he used to run over his second victim.

"We believe he may possibly be from the Philadelphia area," said Lt. Harris

Police do believe the suspect used a credit card at the Wawa so they say they're closing in on him.

But they're asking for the public's help to find him sooner.

Anyone with information is asked to call Lt. Harris at 609-877-3290 or via email at