Philly healthcare provider prepares Temple University students for medical career with EMT course

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Philly EMT shares life-saving knowledge for Temple University students
With Catherine Gibbs' ambition to advance Philadelphia's EMT knowledge, she has helped students prepare for medical careers for the last two years.

NORTH PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A volunteer EMT and former student of Temple University comes back to the school as an instructor, preparing the future generation of life-savers.

Catherine Gibbs is the Assistant Professor of Instruction and Course Coordinator of the EMT program in the College of Public Health at Temple University

Two years into the program, Gibbs has helped Temple University students foster life-saving knowledge, with the hope they move on for their certification.

As a course still young in years, Gibbs is proud to boost the knowledge base of Philadelphia's future healthcare providers.

It's a pride that comes when students enter the program at a low confidence and skill level, and leave ready to be heroes if called upon.

"So blessed to work as both a healthcare provider and an educator as well...Being able to make a difference in patients' lives as well as students' lives', it's something that's so special... I definitely don't take for granted," said Gibbs.

For more information, check out the Temple University College of Public Health on their website.