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Philadelphia radio legend Jerry Blavat, aka "The Geator with the Heater" and "the Boss with the Hot Sauce" is no stranger to putting on a show, and he's returning to the Kimmel Center for a one-night only salute to the sounds of doo-wop.

"It's a tribute to the music, the people, and the artists of Philadelphia," says Blavat.

Blavat has dubbed the concert a Salute to Street Corner Harmony, "we've got the Skyliners who did Since I Don't Have You, the Marcels who did Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom Blue Moon, I saw you standing alone," he says, breaking out into song.

Blavat says nearly a dozen special guests will take the stage, "the wonderful thing about these groups at the Kimmel Center, they represent from 1955 to the present day."

The legendary artists will be backed by a live 30 piece orchestra.

"Strings, percussions, it's an amazing type of a show," and the icon of Philadelphia radio says he will pull it all together.

"I come out dancing, come out singing and, while the groups are on stage, I do a little change and I come back out," and he says the entertainment will extend beyond the stage, "There's dancing before and dancing during the show and after right in the plaza."

This is the Geator's 30th show at the Kimmel Center and he warns they always sell out, "You get kids 16 years of age to 90 years of age because it's the music."

Jerry Blavat's Salute to Street Corner Harmony is January 23rd at 8pm in the Kimmel Center's Verizon Hall. For tickets, go to
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