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International Pop is on display at the Philadelphia Art Museum through May 15th.
April 14th, 2016 (WPVI) -- The Philadelphia Museum of Art is the final venue and only East Coast showing for their latest exhibition, International Pop. It's an eye-opening look at the mass media images that helped shape culture around the globe in the wake of World War II.

"Its main goal and challenge and its most exciting element is to reframe pop art in a global context," says organizing curator Erica Battle, "we have examples of collage, assemblage, installation, interactive pieces, film, and also sculpture."

The exhibition features a total of 150 works by 87 artists from around the world. "We have art from Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, and Eastern Europe alongside icons of American and British pop," says Battle. Pieces include Dinner Date by Venezuelan artist Marisol and Still Life Number 35 by American artist Tom Wesselman. "This really is an international show," says Battle.

Some of the artists featured have works of pop art that can be seen throughout the city. "If you've been on 15th and Market you've seen Oldenburg's clothespin, so come into the show and see what he was doing in the 60s, what all his contemporaries were doing and really widen your view of pop," says Battle.

Visitors can also download a Spotify playlist created by local radio DJ Ben Vaughn. "He has a great encyclopedic knowledge of music from this period and so we're encouraging visitors to listen to it in the exhibition space," says Battle, who describes pop art as something everyone can relate to.

"Pop art is something we think we all know. Here in Philadelphia we're a great pop city.
So this exhibition is a really great chance to kind of build on that knowledge," says Battle.

International Pop is on display at the Philadelphia Art Museum through May 15th.

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