Scary moments for father, son on roller coaster in Texas

AMARILO, Tex. (WPVI) -- A terrifying moment for a Texas father and his six-year-old son was caught on camera.

Delbert Latham and his son Kaysen were on a roller coaster at Wonderland Park in Amarillo, when little Kaysen's seat belt malfunctioned.

"As soon as we went over, I felt the seat-belt release. I guess the motion of it going down threw him to the bottom of the cart. That's when I reached over to grab him," said Latham.

Wonderland released a statement saying in part, it was extremely concerned to hear about the Latham's experience.

They removed the cart and ensured all seat belts were working properly.

Wonderland says its safety and maintenance teams conduct daily inspections on every ride.

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