What's the Deal: Spa treatments for dry winter skin

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The holidays can be fun, but they can also take a lot out of you. A local spa has some ideas to refresh yourself, or maybe someone on your gift list.

Tracy Simon always thought a facial peel meant days of red, itchy skin before she'd start to look better - until she tried the Peel Perfect at Custom Skin Care in Wyncote.

Co-owner Gigi Wolk says it's a gentler version of Retinol, or vitamin A.

"You're able to get the benefits of having a stronger peel without burning the skin," she said.

After the peel is brushed on, it stays on the skin for 8 hours, then you wash it off.

"It can be done at lunchtime, then you go back to work. After about 5 days, the exfoliation is finished," said Gigi.

Tracy says her skin went from flat, to glowing.

"It feels a little bit more alive, less dry," said Tracy.

For winter's chapped lips, Custom Skin Care makes its own lip balm, which includes healing manuka honey.

Megan Conover works on her beauty from the inside out, with a Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture.

Licensed acupuncturist Margaret Haff targets the layer underneath the skin to release tension and activate the body's own healing power.

"We're really promoting a full circulation and blood flow up into the face," she said.

After 10 sessions over 5 weeks, they may not see a dramatic effect.

"(But) the people around them in their lives will say - wow, you've got something different about you," said Margaret.

And Megan says she feels heavenly.

"After I leave, it's total relaxation - like jello," she said.

Haff also consults with patients on nutrition, regular skin care, and overall health.

She says you can't have a healthy face without a healthy body.
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